We are the pioneers of the first ever CODING BOOTCAMP create to initiate Congolese children between 5 and 17 years old to CODING and PROGRAMMING

We are a Team of well-versed and highly skilled professionals willing to share our skills, resources and knowledge to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions that effectively satisfy their desire and set them among the best in the market. 

We have created a platform for learners to have hands-on experience with computers and challenge the education system by providing practicum opportunities. 

The majority of the community members live in extremy poverty after being forced to leave their homes due to wars and conflicts generated by the looters 

The country has an estimated reserve of natural resources worth$24 trillion but ranked one of the poorest countries in the world  


We are a Team of passionate professionals, experienced, innovative and creative software developers striving to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. We collaborate, communicate, and share resources and ideas to achieve our goals and the utmost satisfaction of our clients. 


To align the Democratic Republic of Congo among worldwide Tech giants.


We stand

To offer with the highest Integrity high quality competitive and affordable IT services that unleash the potential of our clients and our community to compete and outstand in the Global Market.
Our Values

We commit ourselves to what we are able to do with honesty, respect and loyalty to our promises and deliver at the utmost satisfaction of our client based on the demand. 

We dedicate our time, resource, skill and knowledge to have an in depth understanding of our client’s need in order to provide efficient and effective solutions.

As a Team of skilled IT engineers and Developers from diverse background, we put our skills, knowledge ad resources together to achieve one goal which is none other than the utmost satisfaction of our client

We are always seeking for new ways, upgrading our skills and knowledge to provide the most creative and innovative solutions that unleash the potential and position our client among the best in the Global Market


This country is unique and famously known for its deposit of natural resources, especially minerals. This has attracted and stimulated the superpowers and multinationals’ desire to exploit and control the mine’s content. Hence, creating trouble, weakening the government, corrupting the elites in senior roles, and perpetrating violence and civil wars. Despite its contribution

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Our Services

Web Development

We design stunningly beautiful and attractive websites that unveil the potential of our clients, the impact created and most importantly secures a place for his business in the global market

Database Development

It is very important to have organized data easy to access, to retrieve, to share and to keep in security. We help you do all the above by creating and developing a Database at a very comptetitive price

Web Hosting

When choosing a hosting partner, choose the one that will serve you correctly, will guide and assist you whenever it is needed. We will give you the package that suite in the best way your demand and always ready to assist you.


In this era of Technological advancement where technology becomes imperative and where digitalization has become the norm, it is of paramount importance to train the society inclusively to fit in this current world.

Help Desk

Do you need any technical assistance or guidance in matters related to technology? We have a Team of well versed professionals committed to serve, to assist and to guide you whenever needed. Do not hesitate to contact us 24/7

Kivusoft Academy

Knowledge is the power to open doors of opportunities and to build prosperous communities. Thus, we are equipping and providing Congolese with the knowledge and tools they need to improve and transform their communities.

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