Coding bootcamps for children

Do you want to secure your child’s future? Do you want to develop your children’s computer skills?

It’s simple, send your child to the programming boot camp organized by Kivusoft Technologies


We Deliver Quality

We design and build stunningly beautiful, and highly functional websites. We take the time and effort to understand your company and tell its story through the most effective means possible.

The hero in you

We offer you a product and a service that stimulate you to come back. Our services and products bring out the HERO in you.

Always On Time

At Kivusoft Technologies you are getting the crafted design and decision making that only years of experience can bring...

We Are Pasionate

We have a team of engineers trained to provide solutions to each problem of our customers and at all times...

Help Desk

We offer technical support to customers who have a problem with their computer equipment network, database, website, maintenance of computers. In short, we provide competent technicians to our partners in the event that the company faces a technical problem requiring an outside hand to be resolved. All that the partner or the client will have to do is make a phone call and in a very reasonable time a team will be physically available to respond in case the problem requires physical presence otherwise for 24 hours out of 7, there is always someone available to answer calls and give the guide how the problem can be resolved.

Playground for creative people!

We design and build stunningly beautiful, and highly functional websites! For all organization, company or business with vision to expand and make known its products and services to the world…

What we do best!

We build a friendly, welcoming, and family-like environment where the customer dive into a relationship at a personal-level with  

Our Values

Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Timeliness, Compassion.
Kivusoft Technologies’ tagline for 2021 is: “Result above all”.

Why technology?

Today’s world wouldn’t exist without technology. We are living in the fourth AREA of History which dominates over the others that have existed such as the Area of the Lords, the Area of the Knights and the Area of Industrialization.


align the country as the giant in the world of Technology by increasing the awareness and equipping the Tech Engineers with the most adequate and up-to-date IT knowledge.

System Design

Financial systems, human resources, hospitals, government institutions. Logistics and banking systems: We are able to create a system durable allowing you to control your remote business using a device mobile

Claudine Migisha


For the past 6 months, I have been looking for the best website designer  in the North Kivu Region in DRC, to help our organization’s website stand out as we continue to grow with no success. Coming across Kivusoft Technologies was a life saving experience. I really love their punctuality and customer services. Once you place the order for your website it is done in less than a week to have your website running. I love the fact that once they host your website, you are launched for a life long experience. They assure your visibility worldwide and accessibility to your website by anyone around the world. I recommend Kivusoft Technologies100%. Contact them and get the best customer experience ever.  

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