We aim to align DR Congo among the world Tech giants and have pioneered the First ever Children initiation program to Computer Programming and Coding in the country.
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We strongly believe in the solidarity and resource sharing. We believe in diversity and welcome everyone's idea to make the world better using New Technology
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Children, women and men we are all concerned and each of us has something to offer. Thus, we encourage, mobilize and sensitize all to embrace technology as a tool for social and economic development in Africa.
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We are a Team of passionate professionals, experienced, innovative and creative software developers striving to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. We collaborate, communicate, and share resources and ideas to achieve our goals and the utmost satisfaction of our clients. 


To align the Democratic Republic of Congo among worldwide Tech giants.

Our Mission

To offer with the highest Integrity high quality competitive and affordable IT services that unleashes the potential of our clients and our community to compete and outstand in the Global Market.

Our Values

We commit ourselves to what we are able to do with honesty, respect and loyalty to our promises and deliver at the utmost satisfaction of our client based on the demand. 

We dedicate our time, resource, skill and knowledge to have an in depth understanding of our client’s need in order to provide efficient and effective solutions.

As a Team of skilled IT engineers and Developers from diverse background, we put our skills, knowledge ad resources together to achieve one goal which is none other than the utmost satisfaction of our client

We are always seeking for new ways, upgrading our skills and knowledge to provide the most creative and innovative solutions that unleash the potential and position our client among the best in the Global Market



“Until the Lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the Hunter”. Chinua Achebe. 

We are taking action to change the perception and the world’s views about this country by retelling its story, by bringing Technology closer to the people, and exhibiting great ideas, businesses, NGOs, and impactful actions.  


We offer you a wide range of services such as web development, database development, web hosting, Apps development be it mobile, desk or web for any type of organization. Click on the button below to read more about our services and to pass an order or inquire. Our Team is readly available to assist you anytime 


Get a website for your business or your organization to secure a place in the Global Market

Apps Dev

We develop any kind of Applications including Desktop, Web or MobileApps that fits your demand

Database Dev

We help you organize your data for easy access, efficient storage, and security


We offer training packages to fit all from basic to advanced level. Train yourself now to face the future with confidence.

Help Desk

Call us at any time because we are available to serve you and to help you solve the technical problem bothering you.

Kivusoft Academy

Secure a place for your child to access quality education with a holistic approach that offers him skills and experience