14 (fourteen) Good Side-Effects of COVID-19

On the 5th of January 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published the CORONA Outbreak News. For the past 7 months, the disease has spread worldwide affecting more than 15 million people and caused more than 6 thousand deaths (WHO, 2020). Despite its sour taste, COVID-19 has some good effects. In these few lines will be highlighted the 14 good side-effects of COVID-19.

Before getting there, here are some of the disastrous things COVID-19 has brought us.

  1. Loss of more than 2 million jobs globally. This leads to a high level of poverty. Many self-employed and small businesses that kept youths busy have closed.  
  2. Many economies have collapsed. Governments around the globe are using their savings to respond to the Economic crisis.  After COVID-19, Governments will want to cover up the gap. The taxpayers will be hunted. And because the tax is paid by the buyers, prices of goods and services will increase. Hence, inflation and reduction of buying powers.
  3. Increased alcohol intake and substance abuse: COVID-19 has traumatized many people around the Globe. Seeing close friends dying, relatives, and family.  
  4. Increased rate of unemployment.
  5. Lack of exercise the major cause of Chronic Diseases.
  6. Increased Domestic Violence: according to a research published by the World Health Organisation, an approximate number of 1/3 women worldwide experience either physical or sexual violence by their intimate partners. Now that the two partners are forced to stay together due to COVID-19 safety measures there is a high probability that one of the two experiences domestic violence. That person is most likely to be the woman.    
  7. Increased food insecurities: If farmers are not working, since everyone is expected to stay at home, then who is producing food? What is to be found in supermarkets if not Genetically Modified Foods?  
  8. Poor diet: People are ready to eat whatever they get. In Zimbabwe where the citizens were already struggling even before COVID-19, their situation has even worsened. On social Media, a lucky boy complaining about having sweet potatoes every day for his breakfast, lunch, and supper had many companies running after him to ensure he gets a healthy breakfast (Tim. E. Ndoro, 2020).   

Below are the 14 good things we should thank COVID-19 for:

  1. Reduction of  CO_2 (Carbon Dioxide) emission because of fewer cars in the circulation. Many companies have closed. Most cars that used to pollute the Air have been parked at home or in garages. The NASA satellites spotted a significant reduction of many toxic molecules in the Atmosphere more especially in China that reduced by a quarter and slowly normalizing (Lauri Myllyvirta, 2020).  
  2. Reduction of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases): Many partners are afraid of COVID-19. It seems like people have understood the disastrous nature of COVID-19 and have shifted their priorities to something different. Due to this Pandemic, the science that sex is a need can be questioned. It is believed that some people have been able to survive without it.
  3. Reduction of Road Accidents that involved injury and fatality (Fraser Shilling): Many pedestrians are now at home as well as cars. Due to COVID-19, there has been a significant reduction in car collisions and road accidents.
  4. Parental Presence increased in families: Due to work and a lot of demands that parents had to meet, it was hard for certain parents to put aside some time for their own families. The right to basic education and parental affection to which children are entitled was vandalized before COVID-19. Many children worldwide must be celebrating the existence of COVID-19 because they can feel the presence, the warmth, the affection, and also speak to their parents.
  5. Technology becomes the center of Interest for the future in almost all the sectors: Most businesses and schools have transited from physical to virtual platforms. Some have made their first appearance and this would continue for the rest of their existence on this planet. Such advancement would have not been possible without COVID-19. Many members of the Public who were skeptical about the use of the Internet and online shopping are now trying by all means to learn and acquire adequate knowledge that would enable them to fight internet scammers.
  6. Improved Environmental Health: According to the WHO’s 10 facts on preventing diseases through Healthy Environments, more than 100 diseases and injuries are caused by the risk factors of an unhealthy Environment of which more than 12.6 million people worldwide die every year. The risk factors including air pollution, water, exposure to chemicals, climate change, etc. Some of these factors have been reduced because many Companies have closed and our Air is becoming cleaner than it was before COVID-19. Some of the diseases that an unhealthy Environment can cause include: Respiratory infections, Diarrheal diseases, Intestinal nematode infections, Malaria, Trachoma, Schistosomiasis, Hepatitis B, to mention just a few.
  7. Reading and Self Actualization: Many youth and parents have been able to upgrade their knowledge by utilizing and spending most of their time reading, attending webinars, and online classes. Most of the People before COVID-19 did not have time to read or to attend an online program because of tight schedules. COVID-19 was a good stop to some of these excuses and an opportunity for everyone who is not engage in online business to upgrade themselves. What have you been doing for the past 7 months during the quarantine period?
  8. A better and clean Environment: Many Institutions have adopted new measures by ensuring that all workers wear masks, there is clean water at every entrance, when one is sick should stay at home and seek medical attention, covering a cough and a sneeze to ensure that no droplets spread in the air. Others have adopted to be cleaning and use disinfectant, others spray to kill any germ that may survive in the air. All these measures are a constitution of a step toward maintaining a clean and better environment for all. Before COVID-19, only a small portion of individuals accepted these measures. Currently, everyone has accepted to take all the risks possible to protect his own life and that of those s/he loves.
  9. Adoption of Healthy Behavior like Covering a cough or sneeze, washing hands at every occasion (Faster food eaters). Staying at home whilst sick: Many people would force themselves to go to work whilst sick. Due to COVID-19, many people have learned great lessons about staying home during sickness and seek medical attention. Social distancing to avoid infecting others.
  10. Improved Hygiene: Everyone is now thinking cleanliness. COVID-19 is a life-threatening neighbor. The cleaner one is the healthier they stay. 
  11. Reduced traffic: The roads are now free, few cars are in circulation. Half of the cars around the Globe have gone into a pause which is not to end soon.
  12. Saved Public Funds to cater to the Accidents: Governments spend a lot of money to assists people involved in accidents. Thanks to COVID-19 many Governments globally have been able to save these funds. In the State of California more than 40 million dollars are saved every day (Fraser Shilling). This money can be redirected for use in other areas of public interest.
  13. Increased Responsiveness of certain patients: It was a war that Doctors were fighting to ensure that patients’ responsiveness increases. It was hard for certain patients to be able to avail themselves during their appointments with their doctors. Many did not even remember. However, due to COVID-19, responsiveness has increased significantly. It is no longer the Doctors who are calling but the patients.
  14. A significant shift in thinking about the Technology of the future: The future is going TECH. It is time to embrace it now or it will be late.

COVID-19 has made humans on this earth to refocus their priorities. “How much are you willing to risk in trying to protect your life and those you love? (Botas, 2020).  “People are now aware that nothing really matters when Health is kicking.”

By Kivusoft Technologies Media

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