Our mission is to offer with the highest integrity high quality IT services that unveil the hero and the potential of your business to impact the world by ensuring affordability, accessibility, and timeliness through people-driven Innovation.


DR Congo specifically North-Kivu is known to be a place of war, massacres, and extreme violence. Which is a fact! However, despite these wars and atrocities there are still people living here, many companies operating here, great entrepreneurs solving very complex challenges that the country is currently facing, the list can go on and on.

Kivusoft Technologies was created to align the country in the world of Tech and to cover the Intellectual gap between the locally produced Students and others coming from foreign lands. It also saw the first light to retell and rewrite the history of the country by promoting talents, companies, private and government owned institutions doing great things but unknown.

It is so painful to see all great things that are being done and produced in the country despite the violence and the wars but which are not known.

What we do best!

We build a friendly, welcoming, and family-like environment where the customer dive into a relationship at a personal-level with  

Our Values

Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Timeliness, Compassion.
Kivusoft Technologies’ tagline for 2021 is: “Result above all”.

Why technology?

Today’s world wouldn’t exist without technology. We are living in the fourth AREA of History which dominates over the others that have existed such as the Area of the Lords, the Area of the Knights and the Area of Industrialization.


align the country as the giant in the world of Technology by increasing the awareness and equipping the Tech Engineers with the most adequate and up-to-date IT knowledge.