For the first time in history, the children of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) have been exposed to Coding and Computer Programming. It was so surprising seeing what children were able to do in just a period of three days. On the 2nd to 4th of September, 10 children attended the Kivusoft Technologies Coding Boot camp in Goma Town at the Cap Tuneko Reception Center. The attendees were between 5 and 12 years old. The program was result-based and surely at the end of the Program already children managed to create games and other animations.

At the start many parents were worried and others thought their children were going to be doomed because there is a perception that coding is for mature people and graduates from Universities. Kivusoft Technologies with its aim of creating and increasing the awareness of technology in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) challenged the status quo by pioneering the first ever coding boot camp for children. The success of this program is that the feedback of the parents who were very impressed and surprised by what their children were able to do in just a pace of three days.

We witnessed children developing their resilience when they were trouble-shooting their programs. They failed several times but giving up was not an option for them. Resilience is one of the skills that is needed to create a better DR Congo and as well to change the narrative of the country. Parents who have managed to introduce their children to coding could never regret it because of so many benefits that their children gained by learning coding. Some of these benefits include the development of problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, resilience, creative thinking, improved communication, etc.

Why do these benefits even matters?

They all matters because for instance, problem solving skills enables the children to engage in the process of seeking solutions to complex problems that they may be facing not only with their codes but also in their everyday lives. By coding the children develop their creative thinking which makes them to think differently from others. This skill enables them to experiment their codes, it also helps them to explore their ideas, make mistakes, correct, and learn from them.

In addition, children learn one of the most important of life skill which is communication. This is a skill that is needed everywhere. It is used in our daily lives and makes people to live peacefully and in harmony. All the bargain and greatest negotiations happen through effective communication.


Coding being the ability of creating codes that will be translated into instructions enabling a human-being to communicate with a computer, helps improve the communication skill of the children. This is not just limited to human-computer communication but also to human to human, when they face a problem with their codes they will be able to articulate the problem well and communicate it well to their instructor.

This is a call to all the parents, government institutions, all economic operators working in the DRC to make Technology a culture and to consider it as a priority. The history of our country can be rewritten. We can use this technology to rewrite our history. An african proverb states that “the hunter will always be the king until the lion write it own story”. 

There are great things that we can do with programming and coding. Let our children create codes that can change this dirty story about Congo. It is true that it has been a great struggle to rebuild our institutions after a century of great challenges from 1885 to date. We have very bad memories but these can be changed.

Beyond coding the children had the opportunity to be inspired and to be taught about Responsible and Transformational Leadership by one of the action oriented leaders Pastor Camille NTOTO. He is the Chairman of “Un Jour Nouveau” an organization that seeks to empower young people and create an impactful transformation by creating opportunities for all to access quality education. He focused and summarized his lessons into four things that he believes are the core pillars of Leadership including vision, influence, action, and communication.

He called all the children to have a vision for themselves, their families, communities, and country. He as well called them to take action. He said we are the center stage of the solution for the problems that we are facing through an illustration of a boy that took action of pushing a trunk of a tree that had blocked the circulation to save himself from getting late to school. It was too big to be moved by himself. By taking action, others come out and started helping him. This was not only telling children to take action but also that getting off one’s comfort zone can increase the influence on others.

“Actions speak louder than words” anonymous. Communication is important for any effective leader. However, once the words are well and critically analyzed before they come out they always have an impact on one’s life. A word is the beginning of all creation. It is the determinant of our beliefs. He therefore, called the young leaders present on that day to learn how to communicate effectively for them to be able to influence change and to get everyone involved into their activities.

Let’s embrace Technology and create a new culture that is Tech centered.

Viva Technology

Viva Kivusoft Technologies

Viva the first Coding Boot Camp Edition

Kivusoft Technologies Media

Watch all the interesting moments of the bootcamp in the following video!

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