Plan de base

1 Website
$ 4
16 Mois
  • Stockage SSD de 100 Go,
  • Bande passante illimitée
  • Certificat SSL gratuit
  • Performance standard

Plan d'affaire

Comptes illimités
$ 8
25 Mois
  • Sites Web illimités
  • Stockage SSD illimitée
  • Bande passante illimitée
  • Experts anti-spam
  • Certificat SSL gratuit
  • Domaine illimité

Plan Pro

Comptes illimités
$ 13
95 Mois
  • Sites Web illimités
  • Stockage SSD illimitée
  • Bande passante illimitée
  • Haute performance
  • Certificat SSL gratuit
  • Confidentialité du domaine + Protection
  • 2 Experts anti-spam


What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that comprises of computing resources such as disk space, CPU, memory, etc. which allows for the files of a website to be stored and accessed publicly on the Internet.

Like land in real estate, Web Hosting provides you the space on which you can store and build your website. Things such as text, images, databases, videos, emails, etc. A domain name is similar to a street address, which allows visitors to find your website. Your websites files need to be stored and accessible on a server and web hosting provides you with that ability.

What Web Hosting plan should I buy?

Not every situation is alike and depends on your situation. If you are just starting out and looking to build & host a website, then we will recommend our Basic web hosting package. If you are looking to create more than one website, then we recommend our Business and Pro hosting options. Our web hosting plans are ideal for small business, bloggers, portfolio, podcasts, and more.

I already have Web Hosting, can I switch my web hosting to you?

Yes, our web hosting services comes with free website migration. Our site migration specialists will hand-perform the transfer of your website files from your existing web hosting provider to your new web hosting account. You will simply have to provide a few details about your current web hosting account.

How do I get started with my Web Hosting account?

Starting your web hosting account is easy. Simply pick a package, we recommend our Pro plan and follow the signup process. Once your account is activated, you will receive a few e-mails with your login information and service activation notification. From this point you will be able to start creating your website or provide us with your existing website information so we can transfer it for you.