Kivusoft Technologies wins the third round of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Funds (MCF SEF)

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) provides funding to Scholars and alumni who have viable, sustainable and scalable business ideas that also have a social impact. The fund’s objective is to expand Scholars’ capacity to exercise transformative leadership and give-back, by catalyzing economic opportunities for others.

With its aim of increasing the awareness of technology and aligning the DR Congo among the Tech giants of the world, this funding will enable the Company to continue offering training to the youths between 5 and 17 years old, to increase the awareness of technology by developing and designing websites, databases, mobile and web applications for individuals, companies, and businesses. 

We are grateful to the MasterCard Foundation Team for believing in our venture.

Kivusoft Technologies dedicates this prize to everyone who is part of the company and acknowledges their day to day sacrifice to serve and to better our community using Technology, an essential tool for economic growth, independence and social development.

Kivusoft Technologies, the best of technology!

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#Kivusoft Technologies, higher with technology

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