Our Services

Kivusoft web design


“We design and build stunningly beautiful and highly functional websites!”

For all organizations, companies or businesses with a vision to expand and make its products and services to be known to the world, this vision will stay a dream without a functional Website. This is why Kivusoft Technologies remains a reliable partner to make this vision a reality.


“We create databases for easy management and security of all types of information and that you can customize for different usage.”

The database system helps the Companies have instantaneous access to their information. This facilitates them to make the right decision about where and what to invest in. Good management of information helps the Companies to offer the right product and right services that are demanded most by their consumers. This enhances and informs the company’s decision at the right time.


Our hosting services enable companies to reach out and expand their business and profitability in the global market. This increases their competitiveness and the quality of their goods and services. This also facilitates their growth that results in recruiting more youth and reducing the unemployment rate.

Help Desk Support

We offer technical support to customers who have a problem with their computer equipment network, database, website, maintenance of computers. In short, we provide competent technicians to our partners in the event that the company faces a technical problem requiring an outside hand to be resolved. All that the partner or the client will have to do is make a phone call and in a very reasonable time a team will be physically available to respond in case the problem requires physical presence otherwise for 24 hours out of 7, there is always someone available to answer calls and give the guide how the problem can be resolved.