Kivusoft Boosts Local Tech Scene with Computer Competition in Goma, DRC!


Kivusoft Technologies S.A.R.L, a software development company based in Goma, is organizing a computer competition to raise awareness about the importance of digital technologies and promote digital inclusion, and the IT skills of young Congolese people.

Imagine a world where code is not reserved for a privileged few, but a language for everyone, where innovation is fueled by minds from all walks of life, regardless of background or ability.

At Kivusoft Technologies, we believe in this world. That's why we organized the first ever inclusive hackathon-style computer competition in Goma, DRC. We brought together students with disabilities, students from disadvantaged communities, and students from all economic backgrounds.

A Challenge for Sustainable Development

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a developing country with a strong potential for economic growth, but which is also facing many challenges, such as poverty, unemployment, and inequality of access to digital technologies.

The competition, open to young people aged 18 to 24 from Goma and its surroundings, aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of digital technologies for sustainable development
  • Promote IT skills and encourage interest in digital technologies 
  • Develop a pool of IT talent in the region

Competition Ablauf

The competition will take place in several phases:

Qualification phase:

  • Online tests on the platform
  • Only candidates who have obtained more than 70% in the questionnaires will be selected.

Elimination phases:

  • 20 best candidates selected by category (10 at university and 10 at secondary school)
  • 10 best candidates (all categories combined) selected, then 5 finalists


  • 5 best candidates compete
  • The first two with the most points qualify for the grand final, the second two for the small final

Grand final and small final: The nature of the events will be revealed only to the winners

Jury and prizes

The jury will be composed of professionals from the digital technology sector.

Prizes to be won :

Sure, here is the translation of the text you provided:

First prize: Dell 10th generation laptop (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - $800 USD

Second prize: Samsung A53 series phone (128GB storage, 6GB RAM) - $300 USD

Third prize: $100 USD

Fourth prize: $50 USD

Call for partners

Kivusoft invites companies working in the digital technology sector to support the competition and benefit from increased visibility to the target audience. This is just the beginning. Support this movement and let's unleash the potential of every young mind together and, together, code a better future for all.

Supporting innovation and the digital future of the DRC

This competition is an important initiative to promote digital inclusion and encourage young Congolese people to use digital technologies to meet the challenges of our country and contribute to its sustainable development.

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