Kivusoft Wins Prestigious MasterCard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund Prize for Second Time


Goma-based Tech Company, Kivusoft Technologies, has once again emerged victorious by winning CashPrize in the highly competitive MasterCard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund (MCF-SEF) Competition. This is a testament to the Kivusoft innovative spirit and drive in a highly competitive global program. Kivusoft is deeply grateful for this recognition and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of its team members. 

The MCF-SEF is an incredibly selective and competitive entrepreneurship competition that recognizes exceptional entrepreneurial ventures founded by MasterCard’s talented Scholars around the world. The Program is designed to support MCF Scholars worldwide pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. Scholars submit their business ideas to a rigorous selection process, and those chosen receive funding and mentorship to help them bring their visions to life 

About Kivusoft Technologies 

Kivusoft Technologies, established in Goma, DR Congo, in September 2018 (registration number CD/GOM/RCCM/22-B-01027), envisions transforming the DRC into a technological powerhouse in Africa and beyond. To achieve this vision, the company dedicates all its resources to fostering technology awareness through community mobilization and sensitization. Kivusoft equips young people with cutting-edge computer skills, tools, and knowledge through its Kivusoft Academy and Kivusoft Production Departments. 

Addressing the Need  

Kivusoft Technologies was founded to address the critical need for increased access to quality tech education and technology in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). According to World Bank statistics, only 67% of children in the DRC complete primary school, and a mere 3.4% of ten-year-olds can comprehend a simple text, and one of the world's lowest youth literacy rates, at only 65%.  

Kivusoft tackles these challenges through its Kivusoft Academy and Kivusoft Production Departments by providing affordable and accessible educational and technological programs to the youth and businesses of the DRC. The Kivusoft Academy equips young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital economy. Kivusoft Production offers businesses and organizations services to leverage technology for improved operations and wider customer reach. 

Kivusoft Technologies is poised to continue its relentless pursuit of its vision. By harnessing the power of technology, Kivusoft will tirelessly mobilize and empower communities across the DRC and Africa, fostering social and economic development through tech adoption. Winning the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund (MCF-SEF) Prize for the second time is a resounding validation of Kivusoft's innovative spirit and unwavering drive in a fiercely competitive global landscape. 

This prestigious recognition serves as a clarion call to action. We invite all stakeholders to join Kivusoft in shaping a brighter future for the DRC. Together, let's transform the nation into a technological powerhouse, a beacon of innovation that inspires Africa and the world. Kivusoft is deeply grateful for the MCF-SEF Prize and acknowledges the exceptional efforts of its dedicated team. We stand ready to collaborate with all who share our vision for a technologically empowered DRC and a thriving Africa. 

Join us. Let's build a brighter future, together.